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Do you want to learn Hindi through English?

Unfortunately, very few native English speakers have displayed an interest in learning Hindi. A study by the Modern Language Association, for example, found that the total number of students taking Hindi in the United States in 2002-3 was only 1,430, as our of a total of about 1.4 million students in U.S. universities learning foreign languages.

This is despite the fact that there are over 490 million Hindi speakers throughout the world, which is about the same as the number of Spanish speakers.

So we are glad at Second Language Learning Now to know that you want to learn Hindi through English. It is a great language which opens up a whole new world for you.

Many Hindi learners come from an ethnic Indian background but do not know Hindi. This may be because they speak another Indian language or that they have been raised in an English speaking country, like Guyana or Trinidad in the Caribbean, where their ancestors settled many generations ago.

The US Department of State, for example, does indicate that Hindi is not the easiest language to learn for English speakers, but with determination and effort, plus a real enthusiasm and love for the language, you will definitely be able to achieve your goal. Many other English speakers have learned Hindi before, so why not you, too?


Visiting India

You may be interested in visiting India. You may wish to visit famous monuments like the Taj Mahal or the Red Fort in Delhi or other such monuments. There are so many great historical sites in India. It’s so very useful if you know learn Hindi through English before you visit these places. You can understand what people will be saying and you could even negotiate prices. You can discover more things and get directions more quickly if you’re lost or want to find something.

Others may be interested in Indian spirituality: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, yoga. Or you may have a love of Indian music, whether it be popular Bollywood film songs or more classical forms played on instruments like the sitar.



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Learn Hindi for Business

Others may have a business interest in India. Although the English is widely spoken, especially by business people who work internationally, there is still a lot to gain by knowing Hindi. It can help build trust and goodwill. You can double check your translator and you can also pick up some offhanded and unscripted comments that a translator might not be willing or feel comfortable to tell you. Even if you just learn a few simple words like hello, how are you, etc. and use them regularly in your conversations, it will really go a long way.

Indian Beauties

Indian people can also be very attractive of course. There have been so many Miss Universes and Miss Worlds from India, it is hard to keep count. And Bollywood actresses and actors are truly some of the most gorgeous people in the world. If you have a love interest that’s Indian it is a great way to break the ice not only with your love interest, but their family as well which is inescapable whenever you are dealing with Indians!

Learning Hindi not that difficult

Hindi may seem like a very difficult language to learn. It has its own alphabet and its own script. But Hindi is actually part of the Indo-European language family. That means it is related to Latin, Greek, English, French, German, Italian, in addition to other Asian languages. They all share the same foundation.

There are many in the words which accordingly share the same room as European words, as the following charts show:
























divus (“divine”)

Other Sanskrit words were similar to Greek terms. For instance, the Greek word trias (“three”) is close to trayas and tres in the chart above. The Greek word pente (“five”) is close to Sanskrit panca



  • pitar (Sanskrit)
  • pater (Latin)
  • pater (Greek)
  • padre (Spanish)
  • pere (French)
  • father (English)
  • fadar (Gothic)
  • fa∂ir (Old Norse)
  • vader (German)
  • athir (Old Irish–with loss of original consonant)
  • bhratar (Sanskrit)
  • frater (Latin)
  • phrater (Greek)
  • frere (French)
  • brother (Modern English)
  • brothor (Saxon)
  • bruder (German)
  • broeder (Dutch)
  • bratu (Old Slavic)
  • brathair (Old Irish)

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that these words must have come from a common source–especially if you chart the words out on a map of where each language is spoken. In the case of the words for father, a linguist can almost visually see the unvoiced /t/ sounds changing to voiced /d/ sounds as people migrated westward across 

Source: The Sanskrit Connection: Keeping Up with the Joneses



Also in English there are many words that have been borrowed from Hindi through British colonialism. Words like:

  • pyjama
  • jungle
  • bangle
  • thug
  • bungalow
  • chicanery
  • chit
  • cot
  • cummerbund
  • cushy
  • calico
  • dingy
  • khaki
  • loot
  • pundit
  • shampoo
  • shawl
  • verandah

and other words.

So if you learn Hindi through English it may not be as difficult as you think.

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Learn Hindi Through English: Common Phrases

Here are some common Hindi freezes that you will find it useful to know.

English Hindi Transliteration
Hello (used esp. when answering the phone) हेलो helo
Hello नमस्ते namaste
Hello/Goodbye नमस्कार namaskār
Hello/Goodbye (Hindu, respectful) प्रणाम praņām
Hello/Goodbye (Hindu, colloquial) राम राम rām rām
Hello/Goodbye (Sikh) सत श्री अकाल sat śrī akāl
Hello/Goodbye (Sikh, formal) वाहिगुरू जी का खाल्स vāhegurū jī ka khālsa
Hello/Goodbye (Sikh, reply) वाहिगुरू जी की फ़तह vāhegurū jī kī fateh
See you later फिर मिलेंगे phir milenge
How are you? आप कैसे/कैसी हैं? āp kaise/kaisī hain?
How are you? आप ख़ैरियत से हैँ? āp khairiyat se hain?
I am fine मैं ठीक हूँ main ṭhīk hūn
OK/fine (colloq.) ठीक है ṭhīk hai
Fine, and you? (more formal reply) ठीक, आप सुनाइये ṭhīk, āp sunāiye
What is your name? आपका नाम क्या है?؟ āpka nām kya hai?
My name is ___ . मेरा नाम ___ है। mera nām ___ hai.
Nice to meet you (formal). आपसे मिलकर बहुत ख़ूशी हुई। āpse milkar bahut khushi huī
Nice to meet you too (reply). मुझे भी mujhe bhī
Yes हाँ haan
No/not नहीं nahīn
Do you speak English? आपको अंग्रेज़ी आती है? āpko angrezī ātī hai?
Is there someone here who speaks English? क्या किसी को अंग्रेज़ी आती है? kya kisī ko angrezī ātī hai?
I don’t speak Hindi. मुझे हिन्दी नहीं आती है। mujhe hindī nahīn ātī hai.
I can’t speak Hindi मैं हिन्दी नहीं बोल सकता हूँ। main hindī nahīn bol sakta hūn.
I speak some Hindi. मुझे कुच हिन्दी आती है। mujhe kuch hindī ātī hai
I don’t understand. मैं समझा/समझी नहीं। main samjha/samjhī nahīn
Speak more slowly धीरे धीरे बोलिये dhīre dhīre boliye
Come again? फिरसे? phirse?
What does “…” mean? “…” का मतलब कया है? “…” ka artha/matlab kya hai?
How do you say “…”? “…” कैसे कहते हैं? “…” kaise kahate hain?
Where are you from? आप कहाँ से हैं? āp kahan se hain?
I’m from … मैं … से हूँ main … se hūn
Please कृपया kṛp-ya
Thank you धन्यवाद / शुक्रिया dhanyavād/shukriya (Hindustani/Urdu)
Thank you थैंक्यू thainkyū
Thank you very much बहुत बहुत … bahut bahut …
You’re welcome आपका स्वागत है āpka svāgat hai
You’re welcome (lit. don’t mention it) कोई बात नहीं koī bāt nahīn
Excuse me (getting s.o.’s attention) सुनिये suniye
Pardon me क्षमा कीजिये kṣama kījiye
Pardon me/I’m sorry माफ़ कीजिये maaf kijiye
Where is the toilet? टॉयलेट कहाँ है? ṭāyaleṭ kahan hai?
Where is the toilet? शौचालय कहाँ है? śaucālay kahan hai?
Good!, really?, nice, etc. अच्छा accha
Just one minute एक मिनट ek minaṭ

Source: Wikipedia


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